I offer the following standalone Facebook Ads-related services.
Just click the button to purchase, and you'll receive instructions for granting me access.

Turnaround time is currently 1-3 days.

For all other tech-related jobs or to combine several items on this page along with other tech work, you can book me for the day and I'll get everything taken care of for you at once!

Business Manager Audit


Does your Business Manager confuse you or feel like a tangled mess? Is all this talk about standard events and aggregated event measurement making your brain explode? I want to help get you to the point where it's in tip-top shape and can function as the powerful tool it's meant to be.

With my audit, I will go through your Business Manager with a fine-toothed comb and assess it on multiple points including security, connected accounts, pixel health, domain verification, event configuration, error messages, and warnings.

I check where your pixel is installed & firing and which events are (or aren't) being reported.

My audit includes a video of everything I found and recommend, along with a list of action steps.

Many clients express gratitude afterward because they felt so lost prior to the audit and end up with a clearer understanding of the pixel and the rest of their assets inside Business Manager.


  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Checking the security of your account to help make it less likely to be disabled

  • Assessing pixel health to detect potential issues with installation

  • Making sure data sources and ad accounts are connected/disconnected where appropriate

  • Determining whether or not you are compliant with domain verification and event configuration

  • Looking into any error messages or warnings you may have received in Diagnostics or inside Ads Manager

This service is a smart choice for both business owners who are new to Business Manager and unsure about how to use it, and business owners who have been running ads for some time but realize they don't fully understand Business Manager or know if things are set up correctly.

Pixel Installation

Starting at $75 for one site*

Having the Facebook pixel installed on your site(s) and correctly reporting relevant actions taken by your visitors is vital in order to be able to run effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Let me take care of setting it up for you!


  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Installation of pixel on 1 site/platform

  • Testing to make sure events are firing correctly

*Please note that "one site" does not apply to platforms such as Leadpages or ThriveCart, where all code must be installed on each individual page/product. It also doesn't apply to platforms such as ClickFunnels, MemberVault, etc., if you need code added for conversions, because event code is on a page/product basis as well. If any of these scenarios apply, please email for a quote.

Pixel Troubleshooting

$95 for a 30-minute session*

Pixel not firing correcting? Events being doubled up? Purchase value not being reported? Can't figure out why your sales aren't being attributed to your ads? I'm a ninja at troubleshooting the Facebook pixel!

Time starts once I have the info and access I need. When finished, I send over a Loom video of what I found, what I did, and any recommendations I might have.

For more extensive troubleshooting, I touch base after that initial 30 minutes and send the video, and you can decide to either tackle any further application yourself or have me continue with applying the fixes/doing the additional work. But for most focused jobs, 30 minutes is all it takes to get someone sorted and on her way.


  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Temporary access to site(s) where your pixel is installed that could be the source of the issue(s)

  • Assessment of errors in pixel installation and/or reporting

  • Fixing issues related to incorrect installation

  • Testing of events to make sure everything is firing correctly after fixes are applied

*$80/hr (billed in 1/2 hr. increments) for additional time on the same job beyond the initial 30 minutes. If more time is needed client will first be contacted for permission to proceed.

Domain Verification & Event Configuration

$75 for 1 domain; $50 for each additional domain*

Did seeing that red warning banner across the top of your Ads Manager make you hyperventilate?

Apple's AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) prompt is not something to fear, but it should definitely not be ignored.

If you optimize your ads for non-prioritized events, your ads won’t deliver to and report on people who opt out of tracking on their Facebook or Instagram apps on an iOS 14.5 or later device.

Making sure your conversions happen on a domain you own and for which events have been configured will put you in the best position when it comes to ad delivery and reporting.


  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Temporary access to site(s) where your domain is registered/being used (name registrar, web host, Shopify site, or Leadpages account)

  • Getting the domain(s) to show as verified inside Business Manager

  • Following verification, adding pertinent events for each domain and configuring them in the Aggregated Event Measurement tool

Do you also need a custom domain set up so that conversion events are firing from a domain you own? (See description below.) You will be given the option at checkout to bundle that service with your domain verification order for a discounted price.

Custom Domain (Subdomain) Setup and Connection

$75 for 1 custom domain; $50 for each additional custom domain*

This service is related to Domain Verification (see above).

It's not possible to verify a subdomain that's being "rented" to you (e.g. yourbusiness.thrivecart.com, yourschool.teachable.com, etc.). It's owned by another business.

I will set up a subdomain of a domain you own and connect it to the platform you're using, so that the events are firing from your verified domain and can be configured, and so your ads can be delivered to those who have opted out of tracking on their iOS device.


  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Temporary access to site(s) where your domain is registered (name registrar or web host)

  • Connecting your subdomain to your platform and making it the primary domain

  • Testing events to get them to start firing from your domain

*Discount available if this service is bundled with Domain Verification + Event Configuration above. If you need both, use the button for that service and you will see the option to add this on at checkout. If you need only this service, use the button below.

Business Manager Setup


Are you ready to start running Facebook ads but find yourself procrastinating because you're overwhelmed by the thought of not knowing how to set things up on the back end... or of messing it up?

With this service, I will walk you through creating the Business Manager shell (since it has to be done from your personal account), and then I will jump in there and finish the setup, including creating your ad account and pixel and connecting them.

I will also create a document for your reference that includes your pixel ID, base pixel code, and the most commonly used standard event codes so that installation on your sites will go more smoothly. (Or you can just have me do all the installation as well!)


  • Helping you create your Business Manager account

  • Temporary admin access to Business Manager

  • Creating your ad account

  • Creating your pixel

  • Connecting your ad account and pixel

  • Setting up 2-factor authentication for your Business Manager to protect your account

  • Recording a video walkthrough of how to navigate Business Manager and manage what's inside

This service is PERFECT for students who desire to join Beth Anne Schwamberger's FB Ads Intensive, particularly in conjunction with my Pixel Installation service. With these two things in place, you'll have everything set up AND your pixel tracking and reporting data well ahead of the game!

beth anne schwamberger
brilliant business moms

"Melissa is my go-to person for all my tech troubles! She can research and find the answers to just about anything, and she's a fast implementer too! Melissa thinks through all the details and works behind the scenes to get things done! I trust her judgment and her skill above anyone else when it comes to helping me with tech support, set-up, and solutions.

Here's a little secret you might not know: There are VERY FEW people who actually understand what the Facebook pixel is and how it works. Melissa is one of those people! She's helped me and hundreds of my students to set-up their pixels correctly, troubleshoot issues, and make sure every single event fires at exactly the right time. The second secret you need to know: If your pixel isn't firing correctly at exactly the right moments -- you're missing out on profits and sales. Pixel set-up and data is everything when it comes to running successful Facebook Ads. Melissa is the only person I trust to handle my pixel!"

anna geiger
the measured mom

"Melissa took just an hour to figure out something that would have taken me days. She made sure I had everything I needed, including a video explanation of the issue without tech-speak. She's quick, efficient, and friendly. I highly recommend her services!"

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"Melissa guided me through a FB pixel related issue that cropped up while my ads were running. I was at my wits end trying to figure it out by watching YouTube tutorials and reading blogs but she was able to spot the issue and guide me through the solution."

melissa kaiserman,
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HI! I'm Melissa, and I'm crazy about tech... which causes some people to think I'm just plain crazy!

Troubleshooting, problem-solving, creating systems, and making tech connections are my favorite things to do. I've had the opportunity to practice and hone my skills while working with many different clients, both in ongoing business relationships and with one-time projects. I love serving small business owners.

If it makes you want to throw your laptop, it's probably right up my alley!

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